jewelry created for you, designed with you

Hutcherson Goldsmithing specializes in creating custom jewelry through an experience to remember. We will design and construct an original piece of jewelry for you, while working with you step-by-step to ensure your extraordinary treasure is one that is admired for a lifetime.  Our personalized approach to the design process is done with combined efforts with you, to ensure you receive an authentic, pristine piece. Each piece that Hutcherson Goldsmithing custom makes is filled with the love and stories of the collaborators.


  • Consultation: We love to do in-person consultations in our shop, but can also provide consultations over zoom, phone or email for long-distance clients. We will collaborate with you to come up with a unique design, based on your own story.
  • Design/Rendering: This stage includes producing a 3-D CAD drawing or wax model for your approval. At this time any changes to the design can be made. Please note that changes to the design may change the price estimate. Sometimes a design requires hand fabrication for optimal results, in these cases this step may be skipped. We will communicate with you extensively in order to ensure our visions match.
  • Finalization: In the final stages we will hand finish your piece exclusively at our Portland shop. We use traditional techniques alongside state-of-the-art technologies and tools in order to create the highest of quality custom jewelry.
  • Appraisal: We provide an independent appraisal done by a certified GIA gemologist with pieces in which we sourced the center stone and has a value over $1,100. When the value is lower, or if we are using your materials to create jewelry, we can provide you with that 3rd party appraisal for an additional fee. 


  • We can use the materials from your existing jewelry, creating a truly recycled, unique heirloom piece.
  • When we source the materials, we use ethically sourced gemstones and recycled gold or platinum.
  • We use Canadian diamonds for smaller diamonds (melee), and have several options for ethically sourced larger diamonds, including Canadian, lab-grown, and others. All diamonds are sourced through Kimberley Process Certification approved channels.


  • The final price of the piece depends on design, labor costs and cost of materials. We will provide you with an estimated price during our initial consultation. We do require a 50% deposit of the initial price estimate before we start creating your custom piece, and the remaining 50% upon completion. 
  • When using your materials (gold and stones), the average price ranges $1,000-$2,000, but can be outside of these ranges as well, depending on complexity. A simple band using your gold is often under $500.
  • If changes are made to the design along the way, we will adjust the final payment due. We will communicate clearly when any design alterations change the final price.
  • A center stone(s) is considered a separate purchase from your custom jewelry piece. We are happy to supply a center stone for your jewelry, and payment is required in full once we find the perfect one.


  • Please allow 8-12 weeks for completion, after a design direction is finalized.

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