We are grateful to be able to make a living doing something that we love in a place we love. As a business and as humans, we’re committed to improving our global community and decreasing our impact on the environment through utilizing best practices and supporting charities that are working on positive changes. 

Ethical Sourcing

Hutcherson Goldsmithing utilizes sources that are dedicated to ethical practices.  We know most of our sources. We have met most of our diamond and gemstone dealers in person. We can ask them questions about their values and how they are contributing to making conditions better for all of the people in this industry, as well as the environment. 

Recycled Diamonds

Diamonds really do last through generations. Many of the custom jewelry we create for our clients feature family heirloom diamonds to be remounted in a new, unique piece of jewelry. In addition, many of the larger diamonds we use in our own jewelry line are recycled (the smaller diamonds are precision cut of Canadian origin). They have come out of previously worn jewelry and been recut or repolished before we create a one-of-a-kind design around them. If you are looking to purchase a diamond from us for a custom piece and would like to use a recycled diamond, just ask! We would love to find one for you.

New Diamonds

We can also provide ethically sourced new diamonds for your custom jewelry. We have a few different approaches for new diamonds: 

  • All of our diamonds are Kimberley Process Certified, which ensures they were not used in funding wars.


  • We offer diamonds that can be traced back to their country of origin. Currently, we can offer Canadian diamonds as 100% traceable from mine to cutting to jewelry.


  • We also offer lab-grown diamonds as an option. These have the same physical characteristics, and only select gemological laboratories can tell the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds.


  • Using imperfect diamonds utilizes the diamonds that have already been mined and cast aside in the past. Luckily, they have been gaining in popularity. Diamonds that were once considered not gem quality are now being polished and loved for their unique character.


  • Giving back: We support Diamond Development Initiative through donations. They are working to systemically improve sustainability for the communities of artisanal miners. 

Recycled Precious Metals

We purchase recycled metals for the casting and fabrication of new jewelry. We can also melt down your own gold to create a new piece, increasing the life of your existing materials.


We have a select number of gemstone suppliers who are directly connected with the small mines and cutting facilities. They can usually tell us the mine that each gem came from, and they either cut the gemstones themselves or they are working directly with their team to ensure that the working environment is safe and fair. 

Community and ENVIRONMENT

We buy from local small businesses as much as possible and support charities that are working to improve our communities and environment. 

  • Giving back: We donate jewelry for fundraiser auctions, including for schools and for organizations such as Because People Matter. They are an amazing local organization that provides humanitarian services to those in need. We also recently worked with Elephant Gems to design and create jewelry that was auctioned as a fundraiser for Reteti Elephant Sanctuary